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The esteemed team of expert lawyers at Khadija Law Associates excels in providing exceptional legal services to clients dealing with family disputes. With a focus on Dissolution of Marriage, Maintenance-related disputes, Child Custody matters, Visitation Rights, and Nikah Registration, including Online Nikah Services, among others, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of family law.

For over 15 years, Khadija Law Associates has been dedicated to delivering high-quality Legal Services, making a profound impact on the lives of our clients. Our commitment to achieving swift resolutions sets us apart, with an impressive average success rate of 98%. This outstanding track record is the result of not only understanding the facts and circumstances of each case with clarity but also developing unique strategies tailored to the specific requirements of every individual matter.

At Khadija Law Associates, we understand the importance of saving our clients’ precious time and resources. That’s why most disputes are efficiently resolved through skillful negotiation and Settlement outside the court. Our team of foreign qualified lawyers, along with top female lawyers in Lahore, brings decades of invaluable experience in handling intricate family disputes, adding depth and diversity to our legal expertise.

We take great pride in our compassionate approach and unwavering commitment to the well-being of our clients. Our law firm goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the legal process.

For those seeking professional advice and consultation, we warmly welcome you to visit our office or reach out to us via the provided contact numbers. Our team is more than happy to assist you in navigating the complexities of family law and offer sound legal solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Allow us to be your steadfast partner on the path to a brighter, more secure future.


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Mr. ZAIN UL ABIDEEN is one of the best family lawyers practicing family matters in Pakistan for several years. With an LLB (Hons) Degree from the Institute of Law, he has established himself as a trusted legal professional in the field. Clients laud him for his exceptional ability to settle matters swiftly, leveraging his unique skill set. Mr. Zain's expertise lies in handling a wide array of family matters. He has successfully represented clients in numerous intricate cases, appearing before both Trial and Appellate forums. His experience spans diverse areas, including Khula, Divorce, Recovery of Dowry, Suit for Maintenance, Guardianship Certificate, and Custody matters, among others. His adeptness in navigating the complexities of family law has earned him a reputation for delivering favorable outcomes for his clients. Mr ZAIN UL ABIDEEN's commitment to his clients' best interests and his track record of success make him a sought-after legal counsel in family matters. Through his diligent approach and extensive knowledge, he continues to provide effective and reliable solutions to individuals and families seeking resolution to their family-related legal challenges.


Fatima Warriach is a highly skilled and knowledgeable family lawyer based in Pakistan. With her strong legal background and extensive experience, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the field of family law. Fatima successfully completed her LLB degree in year 2017. She then went on to further enhance her expertise by obtaining her Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the prestigious University of Lahore in 2020. Fatima's expertise in family law encompasses a wide range of areas, including divorce, child custody, Khula, Maintenance support for minor and mother, adoption, and other matters incidental and ancillary to above. Her proficiency in these matters, combined with her sharp analytical skills and strategic thinking, allows her to guide our clients through the legal process with confidence and achieve favorable outcomes. Fatima Warriach Advocate's dedication to our clients, coupled with her extensive legal knowledge and expertise in family law, has earned her a stellar reputation in the legal community. She continues to make a significant impact in the field, providing reliable and effective legal counsel to individuals and families seeking resolution in their family-related legal matters.

A Pakistani Khula law states that the wife is entitled to file her Khula with the family court when she seeks divorce. The Khula procedure is adopted in Pakistan by the family court.

In Pakistan, divorce is the right of the husband. The legal talaq process is initiated by the husband before the court of the arbitration council through the submission of talaq forms in Pakistan.

Online nikah in Lahore Pakistan is available through our law firm, which also facilitates online molvi for nikah for those who live abroad.Online nikah takes only 15 minutes.

We conduct court marriage procedures in Lahore Pakistan in accordance with the court marriage act, meaning that you are at the right place if you need to hire a lawyer for court marriage legal services.

In Pakistan, wife maintenance is considered a right; however, a wife cannot claim wife maintenance after a divorce because after a divorce a woman no longer qualifies as a wife. 

When children are young, child maintenance is paid to their mother (or whoever has custody of the child/children). Child support is commonly known as child maintenance in Pakistan.

A legal notice is a thought of portraying a requirement that a person know about his act which is effecting  the rights, obligations or duties of a person or society.

Courts make child custody arrangements for applicants, so you can hire an attorney with expertise in child custody lawyer to help you contest the arrangement.

It is normally seen that after separation or divorce, husband and wife are seen fighting for custody of minor children. In Pakistan, subject of custody of minor is regulated by the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 and jurisdiction to try such disputes is with Guardian Court.

A legal notice is a thought of portraying a requirement that a person know about his act which is effecting  the rights, obligations or duties of a person or society.

In addition to providing divorce certificate Pakistan Lahore services, Advocate Khadija has the ability to resolve divorce proceedings from the court of arbitration council.

It is normal culture in Pakistan that bride is given dowry and gifts by her parents. Similarly, husband and his family also give bridal gifts to wife at the time of marriage or during connubial relationship.

Marriage is a legal contract which confer legal rights and obligations upon husband and wife. Some of these rights and obligations are expressly detailed in law and some are not but are implied from marriage relationship.

We are often contacted by overseas Pakistani women who are unable to dissolve their marriage as they are living outside Pakistan.

Under Guardian and Ward Act, 1890, it is mandatory to apply for guardian certificate for minor child or his property.