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khula is not merely Islamic but also a legal right of wife in Pakistan to seek dissolution of marriage from husband. There are different kinds of divorce in Pakistan. If a husband wants to divorce wife his right to divorce is called Talaq. There are different kinds of Talaq and can be given for any reason but also include the divorce given against demand of wife. However, where husband refuse to divorce his wife, she can proceed to dissolve marriage through right of Khula. No matter what value be given to Nikah in our society but in law it is merely a contract through which rights and obligations of both husband and wife emanate. In year 2007 Apex Court of Pakistan observed that Nikah is merely a contract. Neither husband nor wife can be forced to live with each other without their consent. In any case where wife wants to dissolve marriage, she can proceed to take Khula.

The Khula procedure requires to file a suit for dissolution of marriage on Principle of Khula in Family Courts of Pakistan. According to Pakistani Khula law, the wife may seek divorce from the family court. Unlike Civil disputes that long for several months, Khula process done not take much time. It is not merely Pakistani wife but also Foreign Nationals who can seek filing of Khula in Family Court of Pakistan. Khadija Law Associates is the top family law firm in Lahore.  Top family lawyers at Khadija Law Associates have great deal of experience in Family disputes. For our expert experience in Khula matters, we have extensive knowledge and experience in Khula Cases.


There are different grounds on which Khula can be filed in Family Court. Grounds in each case are different but strong grounds are required to be made for dissolution of marriage. It is thus recommended to consult your matter with our top family lawyers to guide you through your legal rights and procedure of Khula. Grounds taken in Khula case also have serious effect on disputes with regard to custody of children. It is therefore, important that an expert family lawyer observe the matter from all angles to protect right of wife with regard to future custody claims etc. Khadija Law Associates over the years has become the top best family law firm because it offers 100% success in Family matter.


Step to Step procedure for Khula offered by Khadija Law Associates is detailed herein below:

  • Consult with Expert Family Lawyer and discuss your case in detail.
  •  Our Expert Family Lawyers prepare Khula brief basis on facts and circumstances of your case
  • Case is filed in Court for preliminary hearing.
  • Court after hearing the matter notice husband to appear in court and file his reply.
  • If husband does not appear court proceeds to decide the matter in absence of husband.
  • If husband appears, court offers parties to reconcile matter.
  • If husband does not appear on notice or upon appearing before the court no reconciliation is effected, court proceeds to take evidence to weigh grounds of Khula and dissolve marriage in grounds of Khula.


Family Laws in Pakistan favor wife. No matter if as a wife you are concerned about khula, child custody, maintenance or recovery of dowry articles. Dispute is to be filed with Family Court. Family Courts are usually speedy in advancing relief to wife. It hardly takes a couple of weeks for decision of the matter.


There are valuable rights attached to Khula claim. It is therefore, important to engage some expert family lawyer who assess your matter from all sides before choosing the ground on which khula should be filed in Court. One small mistake can cause you to lose a valuable legal right regarding maintenance, child custody and recovery of dowry articles etc. It is therefore recommended to hire an expert family lawyer to works on your best interest and take relief from the court. Call now to consult your matter with our top expert family lawyers at Lahore



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